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Dr. Orr with 7 of his grandchildren on a couch.
The Hi Neighbor logo.
Dr. Orr with his wife Shari and their dog.

Harvesting Friendships on the Farm


From the start, the Orr Family Farm was to be much more than a family-friendly attraction.

When Dr. Glenn Orr and his wife Shari, along with their children and families, opened the Farm in 2004, they had a mission. They wanted to build a space for families to come and visit to not only experience an educational glimpse of the past and enjoy simple, fulfilling activities, but to create memories that last.

Despite Shari’s passing in 2011, a community-wide devastating tornado in May 2013 and many other changes and challenges, 15 years later the core mission and the Orr family’s dedication hasn’t wavered– encouraging connections through enjoyment.

In early 2019, just as the Farm was preparing to open for the 15th anniversary season, Dr. Orr discovered a memory of his own. It was a simple piece of paper with the prayer “The Stranger Within Our Gates” that his late wife saved from one of their many trips together. He revealed the new-found treasure at a team meeting where instantly everyone knew there was a bigger reason Dr. Orr found this special memory at just the right time.

The team wanted to share this special message with all fellow travelers and hence, the Orr Family Farm “Hi Neighbor!” welcome was born! We encourage you to learn and share this message when you leave the Farm!

Hi Neighbor!

"We are all travelers. From birth till death we travel between the eternities. 

May these days be pleasant for you, helpful for those you meet,

and a joy to those who know and love you best."

When you read this, do you get a sense of renewal? Are you inspired to pass it on? 

We hope this encourages you.

So, whether you come for just a day or for a night or longer, 

we want to make your stay relaxing, fun and memorable.

We want you to make it a tradition to come to the Farm and be greeted with, HI NEIGHBOR!

And when you leave, we hope you will greet all fellow travelers with the same, HI NEIGHBOR!

Love, from the

Orr Extended Family

Dr. Orr and his brother sitting on a tractor wheel.
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