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The Orr Family Farm train that goes around the groundsite.



A young girl doing the apple shooting at Orr Family Farm.

Farm Policies

The Orr Family Farm is a location friendly for all visitors. We have a few rules we ask you follow to ensure each visit is a pleasurable one.


No Smoking, Please.
We are a tobacco-free facility. Please refrain from smoking or using other tobacco products while visiting the Farm.


Service Animals Only Please.
Service animals are the only animals allowed on Farm property. This ensures the safety of our guests and Farm animals.

Profane Language Hurts Our Ears.
Our farm animals, as well as the children who fill the Farm with their laughter and squeals of joy, have tender ears.

No Alcoholic Beverages.
Please help us maintain a family-friendly environment.

Watch Your Children.
We are a working farm, with a working train and lots of farm animals. Please monitor and protect your children during your visit, for their safety and yours.


Photography Policy. 
By entering the Park, each guest grants Orr Family Farm RR, LLC the right to film, videotape, or photograph him or her, including children on park property for any reason without payment or consideration. 


All Orr Family Farm RR, LLC rides, shows, and attractions are protected by copyright. 


If you would like further information upon your visit, please speak with a representative at the ticket booth.

Lodging Policies

Before booking your stay at the Orr Family Farm, please review our lodging policies here.

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