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Payment for field trips are done by one form of payment including children, parents, siblings and any other chaperones at $10 per person for groups of 25 or more.


Adults or children who are attending a field trip but wish to pay individually are $10 per person. We accept credit cards, purchase orders and school checks.


No personal checks and no credits cards will be accepted over the phone. Please note, there are additional extra-cost activities available.
*Free pumpkins not included*

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Visit the Barnyard

Students will have a chance to visit and learn about the barnyard animals. (Hand-washing stations are provided, and hand-washing is required.) Visit pot bellied pigs, lambs, rabbits, goats and other friends! 


Ride the Jupiter Train

Students will ride the Jupiter Train, a third scale replica of the United States' first transcontinental locomotive. This historic train met the Union Pacific's #119 at Promontory Summit on May 10, 1869 -- it was on the nation's very first transcontinental railway. If time permits, the students may ride the carousel ($1 extra per student).


See the Animated Chicken Show
Enjoy entertaining and educational songs taught by some of our favorite feathered friends at the Chicken Show! “Ag in the Classroom” shows are weekdays from 9:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. every quarter of and quarter after the hour.

Play Time

Students will love spending time playing on the Giant Jumping Pillows, Hay Mountain, Super Slides, Playground, Tube Rollers, Horse Swings and games in the Farm Fun Yard. Plus, they can build their own creations in the Lego tent!

Fall Maze (fall season only)
Students can explore and work their way through our giant Fall Maze. This is an extra cost activity at $5 per person at the gate. 

Take a Hayride & Visit the Pumpkin Patch (fall season only)

Take a hayride around the Farm during the fall to visit the pumpkin patch and learn about the "Lifecycle of a Pumpkin."
*Free pumpkins not included*


During Fall field trips, children can experience "Farm to Table" in the Discovery Barn, a hands-on learning experience teaching farm to table concepts through interactive activities, plus milking techniques and all about Farm equipment, past and present.​ During fall field trips, children can learn about "The Life Cycle of  a Pumpkin!"


Our field trips are teacher-guided experiences on the Farm with no sit-down lesson.


We will provide Farm maps of all of the activities and where they are located. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Book Your Field Trip

Contact us today by calling (405) 799-3276 to make your field trip arrangements. Or, book your field trip online.

Field Trip Assets

Teachers, download the Teacher Information Packet prior to your trip. This handy toolkit includes a letter to parents, field trip details, worksheets and activities for your class! Plus, visit Ag in the Classroom and the United States Department of Agriculture for more resources! 

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